You can drive in Macedonia with either an local or International Driving Licence.Side lights/ dipped headlights must be turned on during the day.

Mobile phone use is not permitted while driving except for hands-free systems.

Drivers and passengers must always wear seatbelts in Macedonia.

The legal drink/drive limit in Macedonia is lower than in other countries.
If you are taking your car, you must have vehicle registration documents and a locally valid insurance policy. European green card insurance is valid in Macedonia. If you do not have a green card valid for Macedonia you will be charged a cash border insurance fee, the price of which depends on your vehicle.

In case of emergency, drivers may contact the Police on telephone number 192, the Ambulance Service on telephone number 194 and Roadside Assistance on telephone number 196.

In the event of an accident, you should not move a vehicle until the police have recorded the incident and allowed you to do so.

Taking photographs of any military installation, establishment or site of government or strategic importance is prohibited. Do not take photographs or make notes near military or official installations. You are likely to have your film confiscated, be detained for questioning and possibly arrested if you do not observe this rule.