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The Skopje tourist region is located in the northern part of the Republic of Macedonia, and it covers the territory of the Skopje's valley and surrounding mountains. The existing road infrastructure in Skopje Plan Region consists of about 935km local road, 67km high roads, 324km regional roads and 86km highways. The road network in this region is well developed. Two pan-European Corridors 8 and 10 pass through this region thus contributing for improvement of the situation. More precisely the city of Skopje is central railway knot. Regarding the air transport, one of two national airports Alexander The Great, in Petrovec, is located in Skopje thus being of exclusive importance for functioning of the region as business and administrative centre in the country. One class A sport airport is located in this region, near Skopje. One road and railway passage with Serbia is located in Skopje, as well as one cross border passage located at the airport Alexander the Great.

Canyon Matka

The River Vardar with Treska, Lepenec, Pchinja, Markova nad Kadina River influents is the main water resource in Skopje's region. Two accumulations Matka 1 and Kozjak are built on Treska River and Matka 2 is under construction. Apart from hydro energetic potential, Treska and Kadina River having ambient beauties offer exceptional conditions for recreation and development of tourist and catering industry contents. Thermal and thermo-mineral waters in Katlanovo have special mineral importance providing possibility for development of spa tourism in this area.

The Old Aqueduct

From the natural and cultural-historical heritage in Skopje's region, under its tourist potential the following are included: archaeological site of SkupiSkopje's Fortress, The Old Aqueducts, the Old Bazaar (old part of Skopje), numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries like St. Pantelejmon church, Marko monastery and St. Andeja church, as well as several natural reservoirs and natural monuments, from which the Canyon Matka and Treska Lake, as well as Jasen, have the biggest tourist potential.

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