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Dialing code: +389 (0)31
Postal code: 1330
License plates: KU 000-XX
Coordinates: 42°21′N, 22°33′E
City Patron:

The city of Kriva Palanka is located in the north-eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, not far away with the border with the Republic of Bulgaria. The major traffic line which passes through this border town is the motorway connecting Kumanovo in Macedonia with Kyustendil in Republic of Bulgaria. Kriva Palanka is situated in low mountains area, in a attitude of approximately 680 m above the sea level, with the population of 11 166 inhabitants. The city has continental climate and the main economy in this small town is mainly agriculture.

The town is named after the river it straddles, the Kriva, which is the Slavic translation of the name first given to the town when it was founded by the Ottomans in 1633 as a fortified town for the purposes of protecting the valley of Kriva River. Then it was called Egri Dere, meaning ‘Winding River’. The town was originally built as an important stronghold for the Ottomans on the road from Uskub to Istanbul, but despite its supposed impregnability, it was taken by Karpos, during the Karpos Uprising in 1689. When Karpos and his men were captured and beheaded six weeks later, the town returned to the Ottoman rule. The city is famous for the St. Joachim Osogovski - church and monastery located 3 km east of the town, established in the 11th century.

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