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The Maleshevo Mountains are situated in the most eastern part of Republic of Macedonia, with the highest point at is the summit Kadiica (1932 m). The border with the Republic of Bulgaria stretches on the ridge of these mountains. The ridge length is about 32 km. On the Malesevo territory there are more than 120 natural springs, including the Berovsko Lake as a very important hydrographical - tourist object built on the Ratevska River. The lake is 2,5 km long, and in average about 0.5 km wide. It is at an altitude of 986 m, and has a surface of 0.75 km2.

Activities – The tourist Maleshevo region offers hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, outdoors barbeque, hunting and fishing, and flat water kayaking. For better viewing of the region the guests can use the tourist-recreational mountain track which connects the two pearls on Maleshevo Mountains, Ravna Gora and Ablanica. The track is at a height of about 1.000 meters. It is placed in a dense and high pine and other wood and is four kilometres long. It can be passed from one to two and half hours, depending of the speed of the walk

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