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The Republic of Macedonia is a small country situated in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula with an area of 25.713 km2 and population of about two million inhabitants. The geographic location is very good, since it is located in the Vardar - Morava Valley - the shortest vertical line of communications that connects Middle Europe with the Mediterranean Sea, and through it to the Near East. The natural conditions in the Republic of Macedonia (geological content, relief, climate, hydrography, soil, flora, fauna) make it one of the rare countries in Europe with wealth of natural values. In the past five decades of organized protection of natural rarities in the Republic of Macedonia, 74 objects of nature have been included in the protected areas network, with a total area of 187,895 ha, or 7,30% of the national territory. In the Republic of Macedonia the following have a status of protected wealth:

  • 3 national parks, with an area of 108,338 ha, or 4,2%;
  • 4 strict natural reserves, with an area of 12.855 ha, or 0,50%;
  • 3 landscapes with special natural characteristics, with an area of 2.338 ha, or 0,09%;
  • 14 distinct plant and animal species outside the natural reserves, with an area of 2709 ha, or 0,10%;;
  • 33 nature parts protected in the category of monuments of nature, with an area of 61.655 ha, or 2,4%.
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