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: Republic of Macedonia
Area: 25,333 km2. Land:24,856km2 water: 477 km2
Geographical position: Balkan peninsul, major transportation corridor from Western and Central Europe to Aegean Sea
Border countries: Albania 151 km, Bulgaria 148 km, Greece 228km, Serbia and Montenegro 221 km
Population: 2,041,467 (estimate ’96)
Ethnicity: Macedonian 66.6%, Albanian 22.7%, Turkish 4%, Roma 2.2%, Serb 2.1%, other 2.4% (1994 est.)
Capital: Skopje
Other cities: Bitola, Ohrid, Struga, Stip,
Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD)
Language: Macedonian (Cyrilic letter)
Time: GMT +1
Climate: warm, dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall


MacedonianS are people who are primarily associated with the Republic of Macedonia. They speak the Macedonian language, a South Slavic language. About two thirds of all ethnic Macedonians live in the Republic of Macedonia, although there are also communities in a number of other countries.

The vast majority of Macedonians live along the valley of the river Vardar, the central region of the Republic of Macedonia and form about 64.18% of the population of the Republic of Macedonia (1,297,981 people according to the 2002 census). Smaller numbers live in eastern Albania, south-western Bulgaria, northern Greece, and southern Serbia, mostly abutting the border areas of the Republic of Macedonia. A large number of Macedonians have immigrated overseas to Australia, United States, Canada and in many European countries: Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Austria, among others.


"Today Over Macedonia" (Денес Над Македонија) is the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia. It was composed by Todor Skalovski and the lyrics were written by Vlado Maleski in 1943 . It was adopted to be an anthem of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, a part of Yugoslavia, when it was established after World War II. Later the song was selected to be the anthem of the newly established independent Republic of Macedonia.

Денес над Македонија

Денес над Македонија се раѓа,
ново сонце на слободата!
Македонците се борат,
своите правдини!

Македонците се борат,
за своите правдини!

Одново сега знамето се вее,
на Крушевската република!
Гоце Делчев, Питу Гули,
Даме Груев, Сандански!
Гоце Делчев, Питу Гули,
Даме Груев, Сандански!

Горите Македонски шумно пеат,
нови песни, нови весници!
Македонија слободна,
слободнo живее!

Македонија слободна,
слободнo живее!

Today over Macedonia

Today over Macedonia, is being born
the new sun of liberty.
The Macedonians fight,
for their own rights!
The Macedonians fight
for their own rights!

Now once again the flag flies
(that) of the Krushevo Republic
Gotse Delchev, Pitu Guli
Dame Gruev, Sandanski!
Goce Delchev, Pitu Guli
Dame Gruev, Sandanski!

The Macedonian forests sing
new songs and news
Macedonia is liberated
It lives in liberty!
Macedonia is liberated
It lives in liberty!

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