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Pelister National Park is located in south-western part of the Republic of Macedonia, on the northern side of the Baba massif. Opened in 1948, Pelister National Park is the smallest, but oldest national park in Macedonia.  It covers 11 000 ha and its altitudes range from 890 m to 2 601 m at the peak of Mt Pelister, but also there are another 24 mountain peaks. Pelister is also known for its two mountain lakes, which are called Pelister's Eyes, located south of the highest peak.  Also they are the sources of many rivers. Those that surface east of the mountain flow to Aegean Sea while those on the west flow towards Adriatic Sea.

Pelister National Park is filled with exquisite flora and fauna. Among flora elements, the most famous are the ancient five-needle “molika” pine trees (Pinus peuce), a unique species of tertiary age being present on only a few mountains in the Balkan Peninsula. All together 88 tree species grow on Baba. Most of forest area on Baba is under beech forest then, behind Molika, comes oak. On some places Molika is mixed with fir. Also a very significant kind on Baba is the blueberry which grows in enormous quantities, on some places hundreds of meters of slopes are under blueberry. Among rich flora two plants are Baba endemics: Alchemilla peristerika and Sempervivum octopodes.


The fauna includes almost 100 bird species, with some rare species like red-billed chough, the stone partridge, the green woodpecker and the forest lark. Among the rich fauna world, which includes snakes, eagles, chamois, lynx, deer, boar, bear and wolf, there is one endemic, Pelister stream trout (Salmo trutta peristericus). 

Pelister is one of the most southern mountains in the Balkans that has an alpine character. The climate in National Park Pelister is diverse, but mostly typical mountain climate. The best season to visit the mountain is from May to October. Good walking shoes are needed for hiking the Park, as well as protection against the sun and rain. For longer excursions, visitors are advised to bring food and drinks.

At the foothills of the mountain there are hotels, restaurants, and private accommodation facilities. There are villages such as: Dihovo, Nizepole, Trnovo, Magarevo, Malovishte, where local people offer traditional food and authentic accommodation.  Those are developed rural areas with highly authentic architecture, traditional life, old and preserved churches, many possibilities for activities in nature etc.

Camping is strictly forbidden in the Pelister National Park.

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