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The rivers of Macedonia

The rivers of Macedonia form three basins, the largest one being the Aegean basin with its main river – the Vardar. It rises near the village of Vrutok in the foothills of Mount Vlainitsa in the northwest of Macedonia and is 350 km long, 264 km of which flow through Macedonia. It enters the Aegean Sea at the Gulf of Salonica. The Vardar is the main source of hidroenergy in Macedonia. The “Vardar Valley” project, which is still in its early stages, will be of great importance for the prosperity of the country. The rivers Treska, Pchinya and Tsrna are some of the Vardar’s tributaries, while the Black Drim, which runs out of the Ohrid Lake, belongs to the Adriatic basin. It is renowned for its beauty, together with the icturesque river Radika, which springs from the Shara Mountains and flows into Lake Debar.


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