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The National Park Mavrovo is located in the western part of Macedonia, one hour drive from the capital Skopje (120 km). Settled in one of the most beautiful valleys surrounded by the mountains of Sara, Deshat and Bistra, also sheltered by the high hills of the mountain Korab (2,764 meters or 9,069 feet high), the mysterious and romantic Mavrovo region was famous during centuries by the hospitality of its well-known inns. Today Mavrovo is the second large ski center in Macedonia and a whole team takes care of the quality of the trails. The total area of the national park is 73.088 hectares. As a result of its long geological history, about 40% of the flora and fauna are endemic and there are relicts from the tertiary and glacial epochs. One third of the park is covered with forests in which there are 1000 species of plants and 100 rare species of trees. The fauna consists of 140 bird species, 11 amphibian species, 12 reptile species and 38 mammal species. Among the mammals, the bear, the lynx, the chamois and the wild cat are the most significant.


Mavorvo National Park houses numerous villages (Galichnik, Rostushe, Bitushe, Lazaropole, Tresonche), caves (Alilica, kalian Dupka) and cultural and historical monuments, such as churches and monasteries (St. Jovan Bigorski, Monastery St. Gjorgji).

Mavrovo is famous for its rich diversity of flora and fauna, mountain flowers, healthy tea, herbs and mushrooms, green slopes, fabulous landscapes, transparent mountainous rivers, a lake, ski tracks, monasteries and caves. This region offers the tourists walking, hiking, mount biking, mountain climbing, fishing, hunting, horse riding, visiting the caves, springs and walking tours and picnics in the quiet picaresque villages of the surrounding mountains as well as tour of the old Byzantine monasteries. This natural treasure provides additional space for pleasant stay, fun, holiday, sport, recreation and relaxation to every visitor.

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