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Plackovica is a mountain in the eastern part of Republic of Macedonia which extends between the cities of Radovish, Vinica, Kochani and Shtip. Plachkovica has the highest peak Lisec (1754m.), which is a challenge for many climbers, including the mountaineering club Lisec.

Access: There are many alternative accesses to Plachkovica. The most common road to approach the mountain goes from Stip. From the city there is a marked trekking trail to the ‘Vrteska’ mountain lodge and the St. George monastery (access by vehicle is also possible). Several routes for this massif start from the monastery. It is about 40 km from Stip, near the village Vrteska on the Plachkovica Mountain. The people can stay overnight in the Mountain lodge Vrteska which has 6 rooms (14 beds). The hut is located along the same road to the archaeological site Bargala.

Plachkovica is an ideal place for mountain tourism. Through the mountaineering home Vrteshka you can reach high position to the monastery Saint Gorgi., and the Lisec is the highest peak with the height of 1754 m. a.s.l. The rock structure of terrain is often of granite with crystal shale. Flora and fauna is rich in diversity. There are three canyons on Plachkovica Mountain, as well as wonderful rivers, water courses, waterfalls, passes and high rocks for climbing. Also there are caves as an attraction for the tourists and accessible to the visitors through marked footpaths.

Plachkovica Mountain

On the mountain Plachkovica there are three wonderful canyons: Kamnik, Kozjak and Zrnovka where you can find beautiful natural pearls like rivers, waterfalls, passages, high cliffs. For many, the canyon Kamnik with its beauty resembles a miniature Kolorado. All canyons have the necessary infrastructure for smooth movement (markings, billboards, road signs, cables and resting places).

Many of the beauties offered by mountain Plachkovica are the caves, from which five are tested and available for the visitors. The biggest of them is the Big Cave, with examined length of 600 meters. It represents a real pearl with its cave decorations and a challenge for the speleologists. The caves: Kjup, Ajduchka, Turtel and Ponor are smaller ones, but also rich in cave ornaments and are easily available for the visitors and have marked trails which lead to them.

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