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Lake Prespa is the second largest natural lake in Macedonia. Situated at an altitude of 853 meters, it covers an area of 284 sq. km, sharing its borders with Greece and Albania. Also there is the Small Prespa Lake which is shared only between Greece and Albania. Big Prespa Lake lies in a tectonic valley, and like Lake Ohrid, it was formed in the Pliocene age. Due to its relative shallowness (its depth reaches only just over 50m), the lake can get quite warm, up to 25C degrees in the summer. Since 1995, Lake Prespa is included on the Ramsar List of Important Wetlands.


Lake Prespa is fed by underground streams, which inevitably flow to Lake Ohrid near the monastery of St. Naum and at the Biljana’s springs near the monastery, through subterranean channels under the Mountain of Galichica. The whole Mountain Galichica has numerous caves, even underwater. Some of the caves are filled with carbonate-rock stalactites, stalagmites, cave pearls and draperies. The natural beauties, preserved natural environment, and good communications have contributed this region to become a tourist destination. The Prespa region is characterized with a great variety of fauna, and Lake Prespa itself is rich with 24 endemic taxa, 13 fish species, six of which are endemic.

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