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Dialing code: +389 (0)31
Postal code: 1300
License plates: KU 000-XX
Coordinates: 42°13′N, 21°70′E
City Patron: St. George

The city of Kumanovo is the third largest city in the Republic of Macedonia, located in the northern part of the country. With the population of 71.850 inhabitants, Kumanovo is situated at an altitude of 350 m, in the eastern part of Kumanovo field, under the foothills of Skopska Crna Gora Mountain. The highway which leads through this part of Macedonia connects Kumanovo with Kyustendil in Republic of Bulgaria, as well as the railway which passes trough the city and connects Skopje with Belgrade in Serbia. Today, Kumanovo is a significant cultural, educational, and economic center with the industry mostly concentrated on small cobbler’s private factories. 


The region of Kumanovo is a unique example of the multi-ethnic blend, especially of Serbian and Macedonian culture. Kumanovo itself did not see much development in antiquity and Roman times, but within the Municipality of Kumanovo there are lot traces from settlements from Neolithic and Eneolithic time. According to the legend, the name of the town derives from the warrior’s tribes Kumani, when they settled there in the Middle Ages. It is assumed that the city was founded in the 12th century and in the Turkish documents which date back to 1519 it is mentioned as a village called Nagorichka. The historical event that does stand out for Kumanovo is the Karpos Uprising of 1689, when he took the city from the Ottomans and then was declared The King of Kumanovo by the Austrian Emperor Leopold I. Unfortunately the tale ends in Skopje where Karpos and his men were captured. Today, the major attraction of the city and its area are Kokino - 4th prehistoric megalithic observatory in the world and the Byzantine churches and monasteries valuable for their significance in the history of art, such as the Church of St. George (Staro Nagoricane) and the Monastery of St. Virgin Mary (Matejce).



How to get: You can arrive in Kumanovo through these road connections:
From the highway from Skopje (M4 E75)
Distance from the airport “Alexander the Great” (27 km)
From the highway from the Republic of Serbia (E 75)
From the highway from the Republic of Bulgaria (M5)

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Where to stay:

What to eat: mezal’k (traditional dish), sudzuk (a kind of thick dried sausage made of beef/mutton), pivtija - galantine; yellow churned cheese…

What to drink: a glass of brandy 'schnapps' or Macedonian wine, Kumanovo home made rakija (local brandy), Macedonian coffee

What to see
: Kokino, St. George church, St. Trinity church, Eski mosque (Sinan pasha tatar`s mosque), Memorial Ossuary, St. Virgin Mary monastery, Kodza Memet bay`s mosque, St. Nicholas church and icon gallery, City museum of Kumanovo, Monastery Karpino, Zebrnjak, St. Petka church, Memorial museum of ASNOM.

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