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Galichica National Park

Galichica National Park is located in the south-western part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated between the two biggest lakes: Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, on the Macedonian side of the mountain Galichica, which also spreads across the border with Albania. Founded in 1958 Galicica National Park encloses area of 25 000 ha. The lowest elevation in the park is the Lake Ohrid (695m above sea level), next is the Lake Prespa (850m a.s.l.), and the highest point is the summit Magaro (2255m a.s.l.). The south border of the National Park is also a national border with Republic of Albania, on the west the Park borders with the shoreline of Lake Ohrid. On the north, the border line passes through several landmarks, and connects both lakes.

Some areas of the Park receive greater influence, resulting in greater moderation of the climate conditions. As a result, there is occurrence of plants typical for the Mediterranean in these areas of the Park. On the other hand, high altitude influences some of the mountain slopes to become home for plants that are usually found in the Alps.


The floral life in the Galichica National Park represents over 1000 species, of which large number of relicts and endemic has the final frontier of its range exactly on the mountain Galichica. There is a characteristic presence of 11 discovered local endemics which can be found exclusively on the slopes of Galichica and nowhere else. The vertebrate species are present with 170: 10 amphibians, 18 reptiles, 124 birds and 18 mammals. The numerous representations of butterflies (1644 species), which is an enormous concentration on such a small space, are a big attraction.

A large number of the tourist accommodations capacities of Ohrid and Prespa is located within the Park. Apart from numerous hotels, accommodation can be found in private houses in most villages on the shores of the lakes, and in several caravan parks. Due to its location, unusual natural beauty, scenery, aesthetic values, exceptionally diverse and endemic flora and fauna, the Galichica National Park provides magnificent pleasure in both, nature and cultural monuments.

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