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The mountains in Macedonia are divided according to the following criteria:Time of origin, the geological composition, the size and the geographical orientation, they are divided in two groups: Rhodope and Dinaric. Height: high, medium and low.In the first division, the Rhodope group is considered as older and embraces the larger part of the mountain regions in eastern Macedonia, while the Dinaric group is younger and divided in 3 subgroups: Vardar zone, which includes the mountains on the both sides of the river Vardar, right after the great curve of the river north-west of Skopje. Pelagonia massif, located on the west-southwest of the Vardar zone and eastern of the Shara zone. Shara zone, the highest one in Macedonia, is located in the most western part of the country, and stretches in north-south direction along the borders with Serbia, Albania and Greece.

Plachkovica Mountain

The mountains in the Republic of Macedonia, by their shape are very different, ranging from mild round shape in the eastern part, to fully Alpine in the western part. Such diversity offers great possibilities for developing sports as alpinism, sport climbing, speleological, cannoning, paragliding, skiing, ski-climbing etc. On the slopes of some of the mountains, there are ski-centers, such as Popova Shapka on Shar Planina, Mavrovo (Bistra), Begova Cheshma (Baba), Krushevo (Krushevo Mountain), Oteshevo (Galichica) and other smaller centers, constantly developing.

There are several winter sports centres, which are well known even abroad: Popova Shapka, Mavrovo, Krushevo, Pelister, Golak and Ponikva. These centres provide all the necessary facilities for sports and recreation such as comfortable resorts and hotels, cable cars and ski lifts. Popova Shapka can accommodate 2,000 tourists, Mavrovo about 1,200, and Krushevo (the highest town in Macedonia with an altitude of 1,250 metres) about 600. Pelister has a modern hotel and well-equipped mountain lodges which can accommodate about 500 visitors. Golak and Ponikva are closely linked localities with their own infrastructure and resorts, which offer comfortable accommodation and good sports and recreation facilities.

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