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Jasen – Multipurpose Area with exceptional flora and fauna, once in the time of communism forbidden for the people, two years ago was declared to be a reserve. Jasen is covering about 32000 square meters of area mostly with forest and there are roads as well as a number of shorter non-asphalt roads. Except from hunting, Yassen sees its future in developing of the natural resources and the eco-tourism. You can alway walking, riding, mountain bycycling, camping by the lakes of Matka and Kozjak, paragliding, fishing, mountain climbing, or just enjoying in the colors and in the ambiance which feels like you are entering into another world.


So far away, but only on 30 km from Skopje, the capital of Republic of Macedonia, this reserve open it gates for the visitors, tourists and all nature lovers. A part of this region today is covered with the artificial lake of Kozjak, and protective excavation of the cave Golema Pesht by the Museum of Macedonia discovered Paleolithic site dated with C14 at 45/50000 BC (Mousterian period).

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