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The Dojran area is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Macedonia. Attracted, excited and inspired by it, people made up stories and in their own way tried to get closer and show gratitude to this beautiful natural creation. Dojran Lake is the smallest tectonic lake in Republic of Macedonia. It is located on the south-western part of the country and it covers an area of 43,1 m3. The western, major part (27,3 km3) belongs to Republic of Macedonia, whereas the eastern part (15,8 km3) belongs to Greece. Its length is 8,9 km, width 7,1 and maximum depth of 10m. The low altitude, the Mediterranean influences and the overall shallowness of the lake contribute to an average temperature of 14,8° C at the surface of the water, whereas the maximum summer temperature is 25° C. Hence the lake is very suitable for tourist purposes. The lake is rich in planktons, blue green algae, 23 kinds of shrimps and a large number of clams. Due to a high production of planktons, Dojran Lake is rich in fish, with approximately 15 species. Another characteristic of this lake is the healing mud. It is believed that the dark mud from Dojran Lake possesses natural healing characteristics and is used for the treatment of many respiratory, cardio-vascular, dermatological and arthritic illnesses.

The Dojran lake

There are two legends about the name of Dojran. According to first one, the most beautiful girl in the area named Dojrana came to fill her bucket at one of the vessels which were locked with nine locks. But enchanted by the love for the young man, she forgot to lock the ninth lock. The water began to come out of the well and flooded the entire valley. According to the other legend, the Turkish pasha fell in love with the beautiful Dojrana and ordered his soldiers to bring her to his tent. But the girl disobeyed his orders and because she did not want to be taken by force, she drowned herself in the water.

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