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St. Basil (or Vasilica in Macedonian), is the first day of the New Year according to the old Juliean calendar, which is still the official calendar of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Vassilitza, also popularly known as the Old New Year, is widely celebrated by Macedonians in spite of having had celebrated the official New Year 13 days before, on January 1.

Traditionaly Vassilica  is celebrated with lots of food, wine, music and folk dancing. It is tipical for that day that every family prepares special bread, called “pogatcha”, with a hidden coin inside. The head of the famil splits the bread among those present at the dinner table, bringing good luck and a prosperous year, to the one who finds the coin in their  piece of bread. That is what people believe and makes them happy, esspecially the children (text @DMWC).



The Vevchani Carnival is held every year on the 13th and 14thJanuary in the south-western Macedonian village of Vevchani. Old with the centuries and recognized by the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC), the carnival attracts thousands of both domestic and international visitors to see the people disguised in elaborate masks expressing humour and sarcasm. Some of the most common costumes include devils, demons and other mythical characters, as well as the modern politic figures.

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